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Lunch On Board

A range of diverse menus catering to all dietary requirements and an all day open bar aboard the Lady Sarojin serving beers, sparkling wine, wine, standard spirits, juices, standard soft drinks, water, coffee, tea can be offered.
We can also provide an extensive wine list from our award winning wine cellar.  Please contact us and Chef Gogh will be happy to prepare a specialized menu for you.

Example Menu:
marinated prawns wrapped in rice noodles, sweet & sour chili dip
wild pepper leaf filled with roasted peanut, shallot, ginger, coconut crunch & tamarind
tuna tartar, black truffle essence, avocado & tomato salsa
* * * * *
lemongrass seared salmon & celeriac remoulade
chili beef & coriander
lentils, garden greens & vinaigrette
pomelo salad
rice trio
* * * * *
seasonal fruits from neighboring farms